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Since there is no railway system in the country, most people travel by automobiles. Kuwait is among the Middle East’s freest countries in civil liberties and political rights. Freedom House rates the country as “Partly Free” in the Freedom in the World survey, while the Polity data series and Economist Democracy Index both categorise it as an autocracy. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kuwait was considered the most developed country in the region Kwai. Kuwait was the pioneer in the Middle East in diversifying its earnings away from oil exports.

  • Kuwait is home to various music festivals, including the International Music Festival hosted by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters .
  • She will remain in the county with the beautiful, poignant bridges.
  • Thanks again to our in-house stunning photographer, Sharma Shari Photography, we have these pics to share the experience with fellow GGB-ers.
  • Lights also play across the young people’s faces and the waves of the river.
  • “It was like hot stinking rain falling all around us,” says a crew member.

Women performers of Islamic and wákà have a dominant presence on stage and in videos. Wéré music is an Islamic-influenced Yorùbá genre of music invented by Muslim singers and musicians in Yorùbá towns and cities in southwestern Nigeria to wake Muslims fasting during Ramadan. Toward the end of the colonial period during the 1950s, Alhaji Dauda Epo-Akara and Ganiyu Kuti founded and popularized wéré in Ibadan. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, numerous wéré performance groups emerged within Muslim communities in and around the cities of Ibadan, Lagos, and Ìlọrin.

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The Japanese Colonel is accustomed to getting his way through fear and intimidation. He does not hesitate to execute, starve, beat, and torture prisoners and even his own men if it achieves his goals of maintaining his authority and getting the job done on time. The first confrontation is that under the Geneva Convention officers who are prisoners of war are exempt from manual labor. The British Colonel Nicholson refuses to manual labor and is thrown into solitary confinement. The cell is a metal hut with nothing but water and a bucket.

Nick has a terminal illness and wants to travel some more before his death. Nick and Terry go off on a series of adventures, mainly silly or criminal. After Nick dies, Terry returns to the bridge, this time not to jump but to comply with his new, unexpected friend’s last wish—to have his ashes scattered from the bridge. The bridge actually created a friendship and gave Terry a new will to live. One description of an early Austrian sound film, Sonnenstrahl , plants it firmly in this category of bridges bringing together a suicide and a savior. But in this case it’s really two suicides, one attempted, the other contemplated.

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All three look better than ever, and Sony appears to have taken great care in achieving these results, but 4K Blu-ray and 4K HDR displays are much less forgiving with source material flaws than the old HD/SDR days. In short, due to various limitations in how older movies were photographed and produced , they don’t really stand up next to, say, modern CGI animated or action films, even those that are upscaled from 2K DIs. Still, The Bridge on the River Kwai is an outstanding movie, which is why it’s insane to think that Lean managed to top himself — even in terms of scale — a few years later with Lawrence of Arabia, which was shot in 70mm. And friends, that film blows Kwai out of the water on the big screen.

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