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When you build a Lookalike Audience you first define the country then the audience size. These are powerful ways to not only re-engage users but also to build seed audiences for lookalike targets. If you have a large number of audiences the filter on the left enables you to drill down by Status, Type, Availability and Source. Now, you will see a list of all your audiences in a table, view including their their size and availably. Once you are done building your audience save it directly into the Audience Section of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Because many Facebook users don’t login every day, targeting too narrow a group may not yield the results you’re looking for. You can access the Behaviors and More Demographics areas from either the Ads Manager or Power Editor. The other method is to use website retargeting and then upload a custom audience of customers who have already purchased from you and exclude that group in the targeting. Set up custom audiences from your website.You can include all of the traffic from particular pages on your website and exclude other traffic. Select the exact audience you want and click Create Audience.

Benefits Of Facebook Detailed Targeting:

If you choose to assign an additional admin role to someone on your staff, make sure that this person is someone you trust. This means that if you and the person you’ve assigned as an admin have a falling out, they can delete you as an admin and take over the page. Unless you have a co-owner, we recommend only assigning yourself the admin role. There are six different types of roles for people who manage pages, and each one has varying levels of access. You can have as many users on your page as you’d like and can have multiple users assigned to the same kind of role. However, each person needs their own personal Facebook account to be added to a page.

  • If you have a secondary payment method setup, Facebook will begin billing your secondary method and everything will keep working smoothly.
  • In case you’ve been living under a rock, Facebook has had a few privacy concerns over the past few years.
  • Decide how much you want to spend on ads daily, in total, and for how long.
  • By placing it in your site’s theme, the pixel will show up on every page on your site and you don’t have to manually place it individually on every page.
  • The target group has the same name as your ad set, but you can edit the name either in Power Editor or in the Ads Manager after you upload your changes.
  • If you’re advertising any form of birth control, make sure you exclusively target users over the age of 18 and focus only on the contraceptive aspects of the product.

OptinMonster allows you to insert your Facebook pixel directly in your optin campaigns. That way, when people sign up for your offers, Facebook can get a better idea of your target audience. Want to use web conversion campaigns, custom audiences from your website, or dynamic ads?

Adding Another Business Manager To Your Business Manager

When writing your Facebook ads, be clear and concise about your offer. You won’t come off as being too promotional in news feed social network environments, if your ad itself delivers value. From your Facebook ads set up environment, you can optimize and track conversions, by placing a conversion pixel on your site and then adding it to a Facebook ad. This is a simple and effective way to know exactly which ads are converting the most in lead gen. If you’ve got a high-converting landing page, a compelling offer and clickable Facebook ad copy, PPC traffic will convert 3.5 times better than non-PPC social network traffic. This means that if Facebook deducts $1.43 from your account for every click, your cost per acquisition is $1.43.

It’s extremely important that you use both parameters to narrow down your target audience and guarantee that your ad reaches the right patients. If see this article the tracking pixel is installed, Facebook will track your conversions for each ad within the campaign. It will also start automatically targeting your ads to people similar to those who signed up. All advertising on Facebook is set up through the Facebook Ads Manager or through third party programs like AdEspresso.

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