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Astonishingly, some are capable of under 1 MOA of accuracy as well. In the game, a scientific experiment involving human DNA and resurrected dinosaur genomes went terribly wrong and completely destroyed the world as we know it. As an elite sniper, you are called upon to use your fine shooting skills to restore some order in the world.

  • This list includes only modern sniper rifles, that are currently in service.
  • Reload Speed, which decides how quickly a player can reload their sniper rifle, is a stat worth considering.
  • Your main task will be to neutralize the main groups of opponents, as well as their bosses.
  • There’s plenty of sniper action to be had in the latest Ghost Recon from Ubisoft.
  • Your duty is to identify & kill these spies present in your country.
  • Gamers face thirst for blood dinosaurs and Undead zombies.

After reaching level 2, level 3, my eyes started to stretch, my forehead was full of sweat, my mouth was thirsty, the feeling started to gasp. Just saying that, but I play the game quite comfortably. Mainly playing experience and to know what it feels like to sniper.

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It is based on the Blaser R93 hunting rifle, but has a detachable magazine, muzzle brake and fully adjustable stock. This weapon and its versions are used by a number of military, special forces and law enforcement units from all over the world. Users of the Blaser R93 Tactical and its variants include Germany, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Iceland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Production of all R93 series rifles was stopped in 2017 in favor to the new R8 bolt-action rifle. Though the upgrade favors newer weapons, some fan-favorite snipers continue to perform admirably.

The game is notorious for its brutal realism, which translates directly into unforgiving gameplay. As a result, players must utilize communication as a key tool to win the battle, putting tactics and strategy above all-out run and gunning. The Hackl Levithan Sniper Rifle Covert is a high-tier sniper rifle that was introduced in Hitman 3. It’s one of the best long-range weapons in the game and is only rivaled by the Sieger 300 Ghost.

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Check out our Best Rifle Slings reviews for more information. There are numerous brands out there that claim to allow you to adjust the trigger best. Two of the most common brands you’ll come across are AccuTrigger and Marksman Adjustable.

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