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Spend less than 5 minutes of your time and get unlimited Emeralds and Gold now! The Hero Wars generator has been designed by a group of developers who have a very true flair for the game and they understand the struggle for the Emeralds and Gold in order to enjoy the game at the fullest. Hence, they have created this, and they have made it available online for all devices varying from android to iOS devices such as iphone and ipad, windows phone and pc inclusive. We update our Hero Wars tier list frequently to reflect the latest game meta. Keep in mind that heroes placement inside a specific tier is NOT important. Heroes are positioned randomly within a specific tier thus their placement does not show that they are better or more popular than others in the same tier.

  • Artifact fragments can be purchased from a merchant in the Airship and in the Valley of the Titans.
  • In this game, teams are basically decided based on who is/are DPS.
  • I Got Astaroth, Yasmin, Qing Mao, Arachne and Martha as a fast killing team !
  • Although the build is designed for use in PvE, some spike teams have made use of similar builds in PvP.
  • So if you are looking for the highest population & competition, then definitely you want to take a look at SW.
  • Both Krista and Lars have the ability to mark enemies, allowing everyone to deal more damage to the marked enemies.

The reason these are our 3 choices is that the amount of utility and damage they provide is way higher than what the others bring to the table. Chabba brings numerous disables to the table, combined with the ability of becoming even sturdier, and regenerating his own health. Wild Hunger renders an enemy completely useless for 4 full seconds, breaking the enemy lines, and regenerating Chabba’s health while the enemy is swallowed. Burp is a powerful slow, and Fat Layer is the spell that makes Chabba insanely tanky, by giving him additional armor the more health he loses.

How Hero Wars Hack Works

For example, the romantic skins can only be acquired during the Valentine’s day celebration, while winter-themed ones are reserved for the holidays. Naturally, you get more value from real-money purchases than skin stone ones. If you are going to spend money on the game anyways, this is one of the few places where you get the most bang for your buck. Every day, Hero Wars gives its players pop-ups with special discounts on hero skins, but do these items matter in any way or are they just cosmetic improvements for players who have too much money to spend? The more you progress through the mid and endgame, the more obvious it becomes that your line-up needs to be fully enhanced in order to withstand the increase in difficulty.

If your opponent in the Dungeon is anEarthtitans team, you’ll have to fight it with aFiretitans team by default and you’ll getWatertitan soul stones as an reward. If your opponent in the Dungeon is aWatertitans team, you’ll have to fight it with anEarthtitans team by default and you’ll getFiretitan soul stones as an reward. If your opponent in the Dungeon is a Fire titans team, you’ll have to fight it with aWatertitans team by default and you’ll getEarthtitan soul stones as an reward. Leave the titans to kill the leftover enemies with low health so they can reload energy – this works well if you have Hyperion in your team so he can heal the titan with the lowest health in your team. Usually, the best time to buy summoning spheres is during an event, when there’s a 55% discount. Try to gather 150 Titanite in the Dungeon everyday so you can receive summoning circles and level up your titans.

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But if the player has a well-pumped Joo, then this hero will work perfectly together with her. Healing Ray – Thea launches a healing ray at an ally with Hero Wars old version the lowest health, while restoring 50,000 units of health when fully pumped. What are these 50,000 for the strike of Helios or Ismail? In addition, this skill works so rarely that it cannot affect the outcome of the battle. 4 Dante’s ability , the most useless of all the abilities of the Hero Wars.

In other words, team composition is almost always irrelevant when it comes to the Highwaymen — pretty much, they’re a walk in the park once you’ve got the aforementioned combined team power. However, we’ve noticed that our best combination in the later chapters typically features Astaroth as the tank, Ginger and Keira as the damage-dealers, Celeste as the Healer, and Dorian as the Support. We say situational, because when it comes to the bigger picture, we still see the two basic Tanks as the best overall choices.

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